Tue May 21
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From the very inception of life on this earth human race is badly enmeshed in three fold miseries of spiritual, supernatural and physical nature as well as mental agony and tension. Today the mankind is struggling to get rid of such distressing and noxious environment of life. For want of true knowledge and out of ignorance the humanity is wandering in the material world of illusion for its emancipation and to find ways and means for lasting peace and salvation. Man has always wondered an out the mysteries of spiritualism and unique power of mind. He has been looking for the raison d'etre of his existence, for his very being and his goal in life. The humanity has been struggling to find ways and means of surmounting and getting rid of the three fold miseries. The key to freedom from all the miseries and calamities of human race lies only the subtle divine meditation of ISSYOGA.

The essence of ISSYOGA lies in Humanisation of God through Divinization of Humanity.

ISSYOGA is neither a religion nor sect nor a physical YOGA. Rather it goes beyond the realm of religion, language, caste and nation and is a simple divine process of subtle meditation for the manifestation of your own divinity latent in you, to make you free from tension and disease and to unite you with the eternal ambrosial source of everlasting peace, bliss and the Supreme Lord for your salvation in this very body. The existance of Parabrahma - the Supreme - all powerful, all pervading, indestructible, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient entity - which creates, sustains and destroys - cannot be ruled out. All the religions have fundamentally accepted the existence of Ultimate Supreme Entity. The main aim of all the religions is to show the ways and the means to the individual to merge with the Supreme Father. The different religions in essence enrich and foster each other giving mankind multifold perfection. Whether it is the spiritual radiance of Hinduism/Vedic religion, the faithful obedience of Judaism, the vision of divine love of Christianity, the complete surrender to the sovereign lord of Islam or the noble compassion of Buddhism - all these give the same inner message of various stages of attainment in the spiritual arena and the varied projections on the mental plane of the ineffable experience of human soul.

Names may differ; ways and means may differ; but the essence of all the religions is one and the same and that is the divine light and the holy word through which the omnipotent and omniscient supreme entity manifests. The Vedas have proclaimed it as divine light and Pranava, Upnishad as Nada, Bible as the Holy word or Holy Spirit, Guru Granth Saheb as Nada or Sabad, Zoroastrians as Ahura Mazada, the Theosophists as voice of silence, Buddhists as Dhanirmaya Jyoti or sonorous light and in the ISSYOGA it has been named Jyotirmaya Pranav Lahari or the Luminous Cosmic Vibration. This luminous Pranav vibration emanating from the Absolute Supreme Being is creating, sustaining and controlling the cosmos.

I want to make it clear that I don't propose to talk about any religion or ritual rather I want to acquaint you with the divine power lying dormant in you. Each and every human is divine but due to the veil of cosmic illusion (Maya) one is not able to apprehend its real self. I invite you to rise above religion, conservatism, institution, language, caste, gender and age to manifest your latent divinity within and merge with the Ultimate Supreme Power by annihilating the constraint and bondage created by illusion (Maya). Based on my own experience I assure you that this is quite an easy task and is well within your reach.

The entire universe and the creation is a projection of illusion or Maya and has no real existence. Whatever we see and feel except God is untrue. God's delusive power, Maya, makes the nonexistent appear as existent and keeps the Unmanifest veiled from the intellect, though HE pervades the subtlest structure and texture of the cosmos. In fact Maya, the cosmic illusion, which is described as the consort of the creator, is not an illusion in true perspective but limitation. The creator, created and the creatures are not mere illusion to one another. To the eye the light is as real as the sound is to the ear.

Although the human being possesses the eternal faith and believes in the existence of the Absolutely Absolute Master - the Eternal Father - responsible for creation, sustenance and destruction, of which the object of sense, sound, touch, sight, taste and smell - the component part of this cosmic creation, are but properties. As the human being identifies himself with his material body composed of the aforesaid properties, because of limited capacity of his organs he is able to comprehend these properties only and not the Absolute Reality to which these properties belong. Each of our sensory organs has limited individual range and field of affection (input) and effection (output) - performance and response. The organs are confined to their own defined limits of congnizance, interpretation, comprehension, efficiency and communication. In fact Maya, the cosmic illusion, is limitation - not being able to perceive any thing beyond, and thereby taking the things perceived as the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Due to the repulsive force of Maya we have delusive appearance of the transient and mundane world to be real and existent though it is, in fact, nonexistent, unreal and mere ideas. So it would be truism to affirm that Maya is relatively and the Absolute is beyond the Maya. Due to Maya or limitation, thus, a terrible lot remains out focus, out of bounds and the Unmanifest beyond the horizon of availability, accessibility, acquaintance, perceiveability and comprehensibility. There is no extension of creation beyond and besides, beyond or without. There is no light but the light that is real to the eyes.

Relativity is pervaded and determined by and structured in Maya. Maya is the mother and the natural laws the father of relativity and the cosmic creation is the permutation and combination conglomerate of the relativistic kaleidoscopic novelty. If the sensory organs could dispel and fenestrate and penetrate through the infinite subtlest structure of Maya and be able to see through it, what it will perceive beyond would be the Ultimate Unmanifest without forms and attribute, the oneness of spirit, the nothingness, the void. The subtle meditation of ISSYOGA within a few months brings the devotees to such a high state in spiritual arena that he would experience his own ego-self expand into Absoluteness of Supreme self, the Brahma, super consciousness and thus gone in oblivion - the salt doll dissolved into the ocean and completely merged and vanished.

In fact human being possesses four bodies namely gross body, subtle body, casual body and bodiless i.e. cosmic creatix. The subtle body or the Aura, in fact, is the energy field which is perceived as a luminous body surrounding the physical body of each living thing, including the plants and the animals, in the spiritual domain where all energy and creation originate. According to the spiritual attainment of an individual it reflects the energy of the spirit in the body. The six Chakras are the focal junction points between the two bodies. Casual body is the state in which the knower, known and the knowledge merge in one indivisible consciousness. The bodiless is the complete merger with the super consciousness i.e. cosmic creatrix (Hiranyagarbh).

The subtle body which is connected with the spirit on the one end and with the physical body through six Chakras on the other, acts as a vortex or templet which receives the divine energy in a very high vibratory motion (million times more than the speed of light) and synchronizes it with the physical body which is in a vibration much less than the speed of light. From the moment of initiation and starting of ISSYOGA meditation, the subtle body of the devotees starts developing rapidly, meaning thereby, manifestation of divine power within. Only within a few months of subtle meditation the devotees are endowed with supernatural divine powers.

The creation starts with the vibration in the Mool Prakriti (Nature) due to which the three constituents - Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas combine in different proportions to give rise to various substances. Each guna (characteristic) is present in various active or dormant form in all substances. The cosmos is created as a result of big-bang in cosmic egg.

The Supreme Being, Param Brahma, is known as Sachchidanand i.e. Sat-Chit-Anand - one who is eternally existent, infinitely conscious and supremely blissful. He is the subtlest of all and pervades the entire cosmos. God creates, sustains and dissolves the cosmic creation by virtue of manifestation of His omnipotent force, the Holy AUM (Paranava) Amen. From this AUM (Amen) time, space and atom - the vibratory structure of creation - appears to have come into existence. This Pranava AUM (Amen) presents the idea of change i.e. time, in ever unchangeable, and the idea of division i.e. space, in the ever indivisible.

The devotees of ISSYOGA with the development of subtle and casual body, while penetrating in Pranav vibration, attain the higher plane of mental development on the upward divine path in Sushumn Nadi (empty canal) in the cerebrospinal column.

There are seven apheres or stages of creation which are called Swargas or Lokas, namely Bhulika - the sphere of gross matter or of relative existence, Bhuvarloka - the sphere of subtle realm or electric attributes, Swarloka - the sphere of magnetic poles or electricity, Maharloka- the sphere of magnets and atoms (Darkness), Janaloka - sphere of spiritual illumination and reflection, Tapaloka - the sphere of unsdulterated pure illumination, the cosmic creatrix, and Satyaloka - the sphere of Absolutely Absolute Reality, the Supreme Being, the GOD.

While gliding through the various spheres of creation in course of ISSYOGA meditation the Sadhak realizws the truth and comprehends his physical entity as nothing but a mere idea-play of the cosmic spirit, the Supreme Father. He understands the inner significance of real worship and crucifies his ego i.e. 'I-ness' and 'My-ness' at the alter of tye holy spirit. At this stage of wisdom, the vain idea of his separate existence is completely abandoned and he is dissolved in the Universal Consciousness. Finally he is completely merged in Jyotirmay Pranav Lahiri, the luminous cosmic vibration, and becomes unified with the Absolute Eternal Father. His personal self completely disappears and merges with the super consciousness, in which he comprehends that all the creation is substantially nothing but cosmic illusion i.e. a mere idea-play of his own nature and he establishes complete command over nature.

It is a well established fact that human body is not just a transient and ephemeral entity rather it is divine though this divinity with is latent. The body is the storehouse of infinite divine energy in condensed for though we earthly beings are quite oblivious of this fact.

All of us know that mind is the most powerful and potent object God has bestowed upon the human being. This is something which is yet to be realized and controlled. But not many of us are aware that mind is not merely a thought or psychological stuff nor is it a mere progeny of the physical body and its material surroundings, saturated with various films and fabrics of relatively bedevilled with slush and smog of falsity and comprehended by darkness and ignorance (Maya). It is much more than that - packed and packeted with unmanifest potential - which is passing through various stages of evolution. It is not individual but universal. The mind represents the collective consciousness, time and space, representing the positive and negative poles of Universal energy - the two realities that constitute the mind.

Today increasing number of people are coming to believe that meditation holds the key to their psychological and physical trauma as well as their spiritual quest. It has been established that concentration of mind is the crux of everything. A number of spiritual and meditational organizations across the globe are training their pupil to undertake meditational practices each having their own ways and methods. But unfortunately general technique of conventional meditation is conceptually not very correct and effective in the higher plane of spiritualism which needs to be understood in right perspective and practiced for the achievement of the highest goal of manifestation of one's divinity within and God realization. Meditation is not merely concentration of mind but much more than that. It is the process of subtle unification of two eternal realities, time and space, the positive and the negative poles of Universal energy, which form the two polarities within the human consciousness.

By virtue of subtle meditation of ISSYOGA where the total awareness of mind is withdrawn from external periphery to the subtle inner point, the inner time and the inner space are brought together to unite on the inner dimension, as a result of which an explosion takes place in the nuclear and thermic realm of the universal and individual mind and the sadhak become integral incarnation of Godhood, the pure primordial divine power of the creative and comprehensive cosmic consciousness..

Scientifically, Quantum field theory is premised on the assumption that the physical reality is essentially non-substantial. it is and adhoc theory which is practical and pragmatic. Every form of energy is the energy is mass and the only ultimate form of energy is the energy of being. The matter is related to the curvature of space-time continuum. There is no such thing as energy; energy is mass and mass is space-time curvature. According to Albert Einstein's theory of relativity space-time, matter and energy became unified. The universe was a single unbroken changeless four dimensional infinity continuum. Gravitation became the inherent property of mass which bends light. The space is curved. Creation comes out of void-- empty space and empty time. Things get created and precipitated out of nothingness. Space-time itself is the metrical field. It cannot exist without structure or curvature or contents or inter related events. A body with its greater or lesser mass bends the space-time continuum more or less specifically and uniquely at its location and situation. The enfolding of space-time continuum upon itself generates elementary particles which are waves, vibrations, wrinkles and creases congealed in the fabric of space-time .It is quite obvious that every matter in this cosmic affects the space-time curvature and thus, knowingly or unknowingly, participates in the management and function of the Universe. The devotees of ISSYOGA are able to unfold this mystery by removing the veil of cosmic illusion (Maya) which enables them to identify their true self. the sadhakas' unbounded asomatic aura penetrates into the subtlest structure and texture of the cosmic and they become capable of participating in the process and situation of the mundane universe at thier own will and pleasure.

The accomplished Sadhaks and Sadhikas of ISSYOGA after a few months of subtle meditation are endowed with the miraculous divine power to cure the incurable diseases and sufferings of human being including that of their own. The divine healing is performed by the gures and accomplished devotees of ISSYOGA by:

(i) ISSYOGA divine pranic healing.

(ii) ISSYOGA divine Mantra healing.

(iii) ISSYOGA divine Will power healing.

(iv) ISSYOGA divinelove-cum-goodwill projection.

In the divine healing process the Sadhaks spontaneously develops his subtle body to unite with the luminous cosmic vibration so as to transcend his physical body to that state and then transmit the universal divine energy to the concerned person or a group of people to eliminate their sufferings at physical, mental,emotional and spiritual level.

ISSYOGA emphasizes upon realizing the infinite potential of mind and expounds the ways to have a complete control and mastery over it. The soul of devoted practicant of ISSYOGA, by subtle meditation of a few months after initiation of divine energy for awakening of Kundalini shakti (the latent divine power) and opening of the Third Eye (Christ Eye) by the accomplished and empowered Guru of ISSYOGA, leaps over the last barrier of relative existence, shatters its prison of material world and temporal bondage and merges in the infinite divine glory of the Ultimate Reality, the Brahma. He attains the highest state in which the knowledge, knower and the known completely merge in the supreme consciousness where the space disappears into nothingness, time is swallowed up into eternity and causation completely dissolved in totality.

But this highest state of Samadhi (Trance) cannot be achieved so long as dualism remains. Dualism persists as long as incoming and outgoing breath continues. ISSYOGA meditation for a few months only, with the divine power of the preceptor (Guru), automatically brings the practicants to the state of breathlessness very easily in a normal way. It is only when the breath ceases, the ego, 'I-ness' and 'My-ness', is completely annihilated and the personal self expands into super consciousness. In that state the devotees of ISSYOGA become immanent and they acquire an effortless and spontaneous capacity for astral travel; they can create for themselves astral rapport with embodied selves, spirits and minds of individuals and can enter their dreams of lives for vouchsafing them wisdom, physical euphoria, spiritual illumination, mystical alignment and other communications.

After adopting the ISSYOGA meditation for a few months, the dedicated sadhakas are endoed with very strong will power and potent psyche. Will power is nothing but firm desire and determination which gives vent to spontaneous divine energy. Strong conviction and desire of conscious soul breeds will-o'-the-wisp and determination. Whenever such Sadhaks firmly wish for fulfillment o some desire of objective there is an elegant wave of divine force which sprouts into conscious spirit and travels to the desired destination for its fulfillment. The Sadhaka's firm determination, forged out of unshakable faith, is the summum bonum of divine power, media of transfusion and fulfillment of the desired result.

The ISSYOGA Sadhaka within a few months acquires the supernatural powers and the ability to transcend the self and to become egoless, so that he can at once and automatically identify himself and become one with the supreme self. He becomes adept at simple technique--the technique of merging with the cosmic creatrix (Hiranygarbh) at will. He becomes capable of penetrating time and space at will and space at will and establishes command and control over nature.

In nutshell ISSYOGA provides the key to put the acquired knowledge into action to achieve what has been described in the scriptures and expounded by accomplished saints as the ultimate goal of human life.