Tue May 21

Founder President of Antarrashtriya Issyoga Samaj, Sadguru Mahatama Sushil Kumar left his physical form on 24th April, 2002. This event has a far forceful and divine significance for Issyoga Society. Every year on 24th April, Issyoga society celebrates this event in Gurudham, Patna.

This event brings together the largest number of Issyogis in one congregation. Issyogis from India and abroad assemble to express their deep respect, reverence and prayer. This marks the celebration of the renouncing the physical form of our Sadguru and regaining back the omnipresent form and the meeting of the objective towards the fulfillment of which Sadguru Mahatma Susil Kumar took the physical form.

This festival gives an opportunity to the disciples to reflect upon their spiritual journey undertaken by them. Such congregation of Guru and disciples of Issyoga generate divine energy and help the participants to move further on the divine journey with greater vigor and enthusiasm.

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