Tue May 21
Objective of Issyoga

Antarrashtriya Issyoga Samaj (ISSYOGA) is essentially a spiritual and global organization beyond the realm of religion, language, caste and nation which comprehends the following objectives for redemption of mankind and its over all well-being.

To set aglow the spiritual and divine light in the heart of humanity all over the world
To initiate awakening of Kundalini Shakti by personifying the Divine Power through Shaktipata by enlightened
Gurus (Spiritual Guide) of Issyoga having attained oneness with the Supreme Power and lead the inquisitive People, Sadhaks and Sadhikas to subtle inner journey on Divine Path.
To liberate mankind from spiritual, Supernatural, mental and physical sufferings by introversive divine Sadhana of ISSYOGA and to infuse the divine wisdom of fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man.
To remove the veil, dispelling hatred, malice, tension, greed, attachment, ignorance, illusion and delusion which has become the characteristic feature of the modern times and provide the key to enter the realm of Divine Love, eternal Peace and Bliss.
To cure physical and mental diseases through various ISSYOGA Divine Healing (IDH) process namely Divine Pran-Urja Healing (DPH), Divine Mantra Healing (DMH) and Divine Will Healing (DWH) by the enlightened Guru and empowered Sadhaks and Sadhikas of ISSYOGA
To enable the aspirants and inquisitive people attain the highest goal of self realization and realization of GOD- the Supreme Reality- through introspection and subtle inner meditative process of ISSYOGA.
To establish complete coordination between all the religions of the world and remove the existing evil practices, superstition and conservatism from the society.
To awaken the dormant divine power embedded in every human being and link him with the enternal divine ocean of super power going beyond the bounds of religion, language, caste and age.
To organize spiritual discourses (Satsang) of enlightened saints, Gurus and renowned spiritual preachers from time to time with a goal to inflame spirituality in the hearts of people for their overall betterment and well-being.
To exchange spiritual views and ideas on national and international level and pursue the other related welfare activities for the betterment of the society in close coordination with like minded organization.
To teach and encourage common people that the highest goal of self realization and salvation can easily be achieved while leading simple family life and earning bread provided one clearly understands the fallacy and futility of life and has unrelenting determination, dedication and devotion for oneness with the Supreme Reality.
To establish centres of ISSYOGA at different places in the Country and abroad and ensure regular organization of devotional camps for meditation, enlightenment, spiritual teachings and spiritual healing of incurable diseases including ethereal agonies.
To serve the human race on the planet by projection and perpetuation of soul-infused Divine light of love, compassion and goodwill into the heart of entire human race, piercing and permeating through the ethereal atomic substrata encompassing the planet.